The interaction between the loudspeaker and the listening environment is the most critical part of a high performance music reproduction system. Any gains that are made in the electronic signal…Continue readingLoudspeakers

Acoustic treatments

By far the biggest improvement that I have ever made to a hi-fi system was through the installation of acoustic treatments. The transformation of an awful listening space into a…Continue readingAcoustic treatments

Power Amplifiers

The power amplifier is the heart of the system and plays a huge role in determining how well the system performs. Having had experience of many different approaches, technologies and…Continue readingPower Amplifiers


Playback of high resolution digital audio is not only very convenient but also can produce amazing results with the right system components. In recent years we have seen more of…Continue readingDigital

High Fidelity Music systems

Acoustic consultancy


At Ultimate Resolution we believe that it is very important that we make informed decisions about our system choices. Our education resource is freely available to support this goal. Topics…Continue readingEducation

Welcome to Ultimate Resolution Audio

Ever since an early age music has played an important role in my life. Whether it be early eighties 7 inch records or the endless amounts of cassette compilation tapes…Continue readingWelcome to Ultimate Resolution Audio

Integrated amplifiers

An integrated amplifier can be a fantastic solution for those who would like great performance whilst reducing the number of boxes and cables. As the world of audio design has…Continue readingIntegrated amplifiers

Ultimate Resolution

Whatever your system requirements are Ultimate Resolution Audio is here to provide passionate music lovers with the highest quality audio products which give an authentic listening experience in the home environment.

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