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T+A digital playground

T+A are a very well established German high performance audio brand. T+A stands for theory and application which is actually a very good descriptor of their complete approach to the companies many products. One simply has to love a company which is called Theory and Application Elektroakustik. T+A have been designing and building high performance…
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Pass Labs technology

Pass Labs are the brain-child of one of the world’s greatest amplifier designers Nelson Pass. Nelson has been designed world class state of the art amplifiers at Pass Labs since 1991 and also had a distinguished career before that at Threshold audio. Many of Nelson’s designs have reached legendary status amongst the audiophile community. Apart…
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Room acoustic case study part 1

Recently I was involved in a project to try and improve the acoustic of a very challenging listening space. The goal here was to see whether a top quality hi-fi system could be reasonably deployed in such a bad sounding space. The room is quite small with parallel reflective surfaces and to start with was…
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Pass Labs XA 25 in focus

Every once in a while, a product comes along which re-defines our understanding of what an amplifier is actually capable of. The Pass Labs XA 25 is one such product. Designed and built at Pass HQ in Auburn California this understated gem delivers performance way above any reasonable expectation. First a bit about the XA…
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Audio engineering – my story so far

I have been working in professional audio since 1996. On the back of me attending a live sound course I started working as a studio assistant in a recording studio and learning the ropes to become a studio engineer. Back in those days analogue recording was still very popular and I’m happy to say that…
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