Playback of high resolution digital audio is not only very convenient but also can produce amazing results with the right system components. In recent years we have seen more of a move away from computer based solutions towards dedicated servers which are built for one purpose, which is to transport digital audio without adding or taking anything away.

As a result many music lovers continue to enjoy high resolution digital music libraries and the importance of the digital to analogue converter in the playback system is higher than ever. Simply put if the DAC does not do its job effectively then the abilities of the rest of the system are compromised. The great news for home audio enthusiasts is that due to advancements in DAC development over the last few years it is now possible to get stunning D/A performance at lower price points than was previously possible.

Whether your digital audio preferences are networked audio, playback of physical media, or streaming we’ve got it covered for you.

Please see our recommendations below:


Melco S100 Audiophile data switch


Melco N1ZH/2 EX


T+A MP 2000 R MK II


Sonnet Morpheus

T+A DAC 200

The combination of the Melco N1ZH/2 EX as a music server networked with the T+A MP 2000 R MK II produces stunning digital audio results.

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