Pass Labs Int 25

The Pass Labs Int 25 was formed out of the highly successful XA 25 power amplifier. The Int 25 shares the same power amp stage as the XA 25 and adds input selection and volume control into the mix. With 25 watts per channel of pure Class A its sonic performance belies its small footprint.

The Int 25 takes advantage of its lower power requirements to have simple circuitry and fewer parts in the signal path. This in turn eliminates any form of degeneration leaving listeners with just music, exactly the way it should be.

Technical specifications:

Gain (dB)29/35
Volume control (1dB steps)63dB
Inputs3 RCA
Outputs2 Loudspeaker
Power Output /ch (8 ohm)25 Watts
Power Consumption (W)200
Standby Power Consumption (W)<1
Dimensions (W x H x D) cm43.18 x 44.11 x 15.24
Weight (KG)22.2

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