Hi there and welcome to Ultimate Resolution audio. Thank you for taking the time to look around my website.

My name is Oran Burns and I am an audio engineer who is passionate about great audio whether that be in a music venue or in the home environment.

Ultimate resolution exists as a consultancy and sales service for UK audiophiles. We can provide everything from complete systems to simple compoment upgrades for 2 channel stereo audio playback.

As a UK based family run business we are here to serve the needs of home audio enthusiasts who desire an authentic listening experience in the home environment.

With 25 years of experience in professional audio, including live sound mixing, system design, sound system optimisation and room acoustics we offer consultancy tailored to your needs. At the core of every music system proposal will be a commitment to an authentic music reproduction that is faithful to the original recording.

There are many facets that make up an authentic listening experience. Some of these are objective and verifiable whilst others are purely subjective. At Ultimate resolution we are committed to using objective scientific means to optimise the listening space so that the subjective element of listening can be most enjoyed.

Starting with the biggest area of quality degeneration, the listening environment. In a typical set up the room is the weakest link in the audio reproduction chain, so where possible, our recommendations will include room acoustic solutions as part of a holistic package. The best results are acheived when all of the system compomnents are considered and optimised to work together. This includes all of the electronics, cabling, furniture, isolation, loudspeakers and acoustics. We never experience the full potential of our systems until we address all of these areas.

Ultimate Resolution is set up to deliver such complete home audio solutions which can be tailored to an individuals requirements.

If you are intrested in this service please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Please see link below for some more details on my audio industry experience, so far. I’m already looking forward to the next chapter.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Oran Burns MSc

Audio engineering – my story so far