Welcome to Ultimate Resolution Audio

Ever since an early age music has played an important role in my life. Whether it be early eighties 7 inch records or the endless amounts of cassette compilation tapes that I had, music has always been an integral part of the journey. I feel very fortunate to have a career working as an audio professional where I have got to explore this amazing world even further.

Over the last few years I have been fortunate to really explore the potential of a top quality stereo music reproduction system for home listening. This adventure has brought countless hours of musical pleasure. In utilising relevant skills learned in the world of professional audio Ultimate Resolution is perfectly equipped to help music lovers realise their dream of having an authentic and high quality listening experience in the home environment.

The enjoyment and evaluation of a music reproduction system is a personal and subjective experience, which can be influenced by things like, mood, emotions and cognitive bias. Through a careful mix of objective criteria along with meaningful and considered subjective assessment’s our consultancy process can guide you through the often difficult task of finding the right combination of system components. Each consultancy begins with an analysis of your listening environment, which is likely to be the largest contributor to loss of fidelity. Various works have confirmed to me that once the acoustic environment is optimal the choice of system components is much more meaningful and straight-forward. Each scenario is unique and we understand that not everyone can install acoustic treatments in their listening environment, so packages can be tailored and bespoke to specific requirements.

My work in professional audio continues and Ultimate Resolution is a side project which means that there are no commercial pressures influencing recommendations and specifications. Optimal system performance, value for money and ultimate musical enjoyment are the main driving factors.

I hope that this service can be useful to you.

I look forward to continuing the journey towards great audio together.

All the best,

Oran Burns